Ny tidskrift: Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Librarians

Publicerad den 27 april 2016

HT-biblioteken har startat en ny prenumeration på tidskriften Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Librarians

Från utgivarens hemsida: Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, a publication of the Association of College & Research Libraries, is the premier source for reviews of academic books and digital resources of interest to scholars and students in higher education.

Each year Choice publishes more than 7,000 reviews. These reviews are
  • Timely - typically the first comment on scholarly publications
  • Authoritative - written by selected experts in the subject
  • Concise - brief but thorough, providing information and recommendations
  • Easy to use - logical arrangement, including data needed to order the item reviewed
Each issue of Choice contains hundreds of reviews of recent books and electronic resources, a bibliographic essay, and a list of significant forthcoming titles.

Choice covers more than 50 subdisciplines spanning the humanities, science and technology, and the social and behavioral sciences.
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