Reading and Writing Support

Do you have a reading disability due to for example dyslexia, vision impairment or adhd? If so, we can help you obtain your course literature as talking books. You also get extended loans on printed course textbooks.

We have three contact librarians for students with reading and writing disabilities. You make an appointment by sending an email to: talbokhtbibl.luse.

Talking Books can be downloaded from Legimus. The librarian will create an account for you.

Contact Learning Support

In order to access other support measures, please contact Learning Support. They can provide assistance with taking notes, mentoring and extended exam time.

Listen to your literature with TorTalk

TorTalk is a tool you can use to listen to all types of texts, in your mobile phone and your computer. It's installed on all library computers, and available for download in the Libraries at Lund University's Guide on Talking Books.

Resource Room

The LUX library has an individual study room with access to a computer equipped with reading software for talking books (EasyReader), as well as the assistive software listed above. The room also has a height adjustable desk. Students which have been granted extended loans may book the resource room for a maximum of four hours per day, and a total of 12 hours per week. You can book the resource room at the information desk in the library.

Guide on Talking Books

Information on how to download and use Talking Books.

Scan text-to-speech

Step by step: How to scan text you want to listen to.

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