Storage and Data Security

Researchers at Lund University are offered different data storage solutions depending on the respective faculty. Talk to the research support at the library if you are unsure about where and how to best store your data. Information about Digital preservation is available on the Staff Pages. Researchers at the HT Faculties can (in addition to the home directory) be provided with access to a password protected project folder on a central server catalogue, where the access to the data is limited to the project participants, find more information about Research Data Storage on the intranet. If secure storage is necessary, LUSEC is a platform designed to store, handle and analyse sensitive data securely, e.g patient data. There is a cost associated with this service.

Certain precautions must be taken to prevent unauthorised access to personal data or other sensitive data. During any collaborative activities, consider how the data is shared and make sure you apply safe practices to maintain confidentiality. 

Lund University employees can to use LU Box in order to share documents with colleagues at other faculties or universities. Data that contains sensitive information must not be shared in this way.

For information about managing personal data and other sensitive data, go to Personal Data and Confidentiality.

Digital Preservation

More information on digital preservation of electronic documents can be found on Lund University's Staff Pages.

Storing in Cloud Services

Information from LDC on what you are allowed to store in cloud services (only in Swedish).

CODEX - Rules and Guidelines for Research

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