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000Computer science, information, general works
060Associations, organisations, museums
070News media, journalism, publishing
100Philosophy, psychology
180Ancient, medieval, and eastern philosophy
294Religions of Indic origin
299.51Religions of Chinese origin
299.56Religions of Japanese origin
300Social sciences, sociology, anthropology
301Sociology and anthropology
302Social interaction
302.2Communication, media
303Social processes
303.3Coordination, and control
303.4Social change
303.6Conflict and conflict resolution
304Factors affecting social behavior
305Social groups
305.2Age groups
305.3People by gender or sex
305.5People by social, and economic levels
305.6Religious groups
305.8Ethnic and national groups
305.8951Ethnic and national groups – China
305.89519Ethnic and national groups – Korea
305.8952Ethnic and national groups – Japan
305.8954Ethnic and national groups – South Asia
305.8959Ethnic and national groups – South-East Asia
306Culture, and culture institutions
306.09Social history
306.0951Social history – China
306.09519Social history – Korea
306.0952Social history – Japan
306.0954Social history – South Asia
306.0959Social history – South-East Asia
306.2Political institutions
306.3Economic institutions
306.4Specific aspects of culture
306.6Religious institutions
306.7Sexual relations
306.8Relationships and families
320Political science 
320.5Political ideologies
320.9Political situation and conditions
320.951Political situation and conditions – China
320.9519Political situation and conditions – Korea
320.952Political situation and conditions – Japan
320.954Political situation and conditions – South Asia
320.959Political situation and conditions – South-East Asia
321Systems of governments and states
322Relation of the state to organised groups
323Civil, and political rights
324The political process
325International migration and colonisation
327International relations
327.51Foreign relations – China
327.519Foreign relations – Korea
327.52Foreign relations – Japan
327.54Foreign relations – South Asia
327.59Foreign relations – South-East Asia
330.9Economic situation and conditions
330.951Economic situation and conditions – China
330.9519Economic situation and conditions – Korea
330.952Economic situation and conditions – Japan
330.954Economic situation and conditions – South Asia
330.959Economic situation and conditions – South-East Asia
331Labour economics
331.1Labour force and market
331.3Labour force by groups
332Financial economics
333Economics of land, and energy
335Socialism and related systems
337International economics
338.1Agriculture, natural resources industries
338.4Manufacturing industries, service industries
338.7Business enterprises
338.9Economic development 
338.951Economic development – China
338.9519Economic development – Korea
338.952Economic development – Japan
338.954Economic development – South Asia
338.959Economic development – South-East Asia
339Macroeconomics and related topics
341Law of nations
345Criminal law
346Private law
350Public administration
355Military science
360Social issues, social services, organisations
361Social welfare
362Social services to groups of people
363Social issues – housing, food supply, and populations
363.2Public safety, police services
363.69Historic preservation, heritage
363.7Environmental problems 
371Schools, and special education
378Higher education
380Commerce, communications, transportation
382International commerce, foreign trade
390Customs, etiquette, folklore
500Natural sciences
610Medicine and health
640Home and family management, food and beverages
650Management, public relations
700Arts, recreation
710Area planning, and landscape architecture
790Sports, games, entertainment, theatre
791.4Film, radio, television
895.1Chinese literature
895.6Japanese literature
Skönlitt. 800Fiction
900History, geography
910Geography and travel
940World War II, 1939–1945
950History – Asia
951History – China and adjacent areas
951.01China – Early history, –1948
951.05China – People's Republic, 1949–
951.9History – Korea
952History – Japan
952.01Japan – Early history, and Feudal period –1868
952.03Japan – 1868–
954History – South Asia
959History – South-East Asia
959.1History – Burma/Myanmar
959.3History – Thailand
959.4History – Laos
959.5History – Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore
959.6History – Cambodia
959.7History – Vietnam
959.8History – Indonesia, and East Timor
959.9History – The Philippines
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