Completing the Project

When the project is nearing completion, you need to decide how your data is to be managed in the in the future.

  • Are there any specific requirements from funders or other parties, as to how data should be made available or archived? How will you go about meeting these requirements?
  • According to Swedish law, research data must be archived, read more at Archiving Research Data.
  • If you want to make your data accessible, there are many different services available. Go to our page on Sharing Data to find out more. If your data contains personal data, it must be de-identified before it is made available.
  • A prerequisite for making data usable after have been made available or archived, is that it is organised and described in a systematic way.
  • When archiving or making data available for reuse, it is important that the data is saved in persistent formats. Sometimes, the same data may need to be made available in several formats.
  • If the project has resulted in, for example, a public database or web publication, this should be saved in an additional format. This action ensures the possibilites of long-term preservation when the project is finished. Contact the library if you wish to discuss how to go about this in the best way.

Archiving at Lund University

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