Library card and lending conditions

In order to borrow at the Libraries of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology, you who are staff or student at Lund University, need to activate your LU card as library card. This library card is valid in all libraries at Lund University.

Library Card

Before you can start checking out books you need to complete these steps:

Your LU card works as your library card. Get your LU card here.
If you are not a student or employee at Lund University, you can get a library card at one of the libraries at Lund University.

Before you can use your LU card as library card, you need to register a library account. Please note that your LU card is not a valid photo ID.

Sometimes there are additional steps:

If you are not a student or employee at Lund University, you can get a library card at one of the libraries at Lund University. You need a Swedish National ID number, a Swedish address and you need to be at least 18 years old.

Visit one of our libraries and bring a valid photo ID.

Guest researchers who are employed at Lund University must present valid photo ID and proof of affiliation with Lund University.

If you are an exchange student, you must present a valid photo ID and your Letter of acceptance, the formal confirmation of your enrolment at Lund University.

If you do not have a Swedish personal identification number and you are not affiliated with the university you must also submit a personal guarantee, in addition to a valid photo ID. The personal guarantee needs to be signed by a Swedish resident older than 18 and this person also needs to accompany you to the library when you apply for your library card. This person cannot be an employee at any of the libraries.

Personal guarantee form (PDF)

Start borrowing

To use our self-checkout machines at SOL- and LUX Library, you need your LU card, or library card, and your PIN code. If you do not know the code to your LU card, you can find it, by logging in with your Student or Lucat account. At the Asia Library you can borrow in the library desk only. When you submit your application for your library account you agree to comply with our lending conditions. The terms and conditions are established by the library board and are approved by the University’s legal unit.

  • You must always be prepared to show your library card when borrowing books.
  • It is your responsibility to keep note of the due date for your loans. You can't rely on reminders from the library, and you are responsible for returning borrowed items on time.
  • If the material is not returned on time, you risk overdue fines.
  • The overdue fee for course books is 10 SEK per book and day.
  • If you have overdue fees exceeding 100 SEK your library card will be blocked at all the libraries at Lund University, until you have paid your fee.
  • You are responsible for all materials checked out with your library card. If you lose your card, please notify the library so that we can block it.
  • You have an obligation to keep your contact information up to date.
  • Your personal information is stored in a public register, but records of your loans are confidential.

All lending conditions (PDF)

Loans on behalf of another person can be picked up by a messenger. The messenger is to show the borrower’s library card and photo ID and should be ready to show his or her own valid photo ID upon request.

Returns on behalf of others can be made without bringing the other persons documents.

Check your PIN code

Log in with your Student account or LUCAT to find out what your PIN code is.

Register Library Account

Before you can use your LU card as library card, or get a library card, you need to register a library account.

Loans at Lund University

Information about loans at all libraries at Lund University.

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