Libraries of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

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Student computers

Users have to log in to all the computers at the libraries at the HT Libraries (read about where you find them). For access to all avaliable resources and services, a personal ID (Student account or LUCAT - might have to be activated via the password portal) is needed.

Using the computers with student account or LUCAT login

Use your student account to log on to the computers. Should you get a message that your account is locked, an activation of the personal account via the password portal is required. In that case, please log in using the public login (see below), and follow the instructions on

After activating, you can use your student account to log on to all computers at the HT Libraries. You can also access licensed electronic resources (databases, journals, e-books etc.) via e.g. LUBsearch and our subject guides.

Guest login

If you are not a student or an employee at Lund University, but want to use the libraries' computers anyway, you can ask for a walk-in-user account for library users not affiliated with Lund University:

  • To be eligible for a walk-in-user account you need to be at least 18 years old and have a library card for the libraries at Lund University. A library card you can ask for at a library desk at one of the libraries at Lund University. Bring a photo ID card! If you don't have a Swedish national identification number (personnummer) there can be other documents needed in order to get a library card, read more on our loans page.
  • At the library desk (during office hours only, at the HT Libraries usually 9–16 Monday–Friday) you can also ask for your walk-in-user account: The account is valid for one year and has to be renewed after this period of time. You will receive a sheet, stating your usename and your password, from the librarian who has been creating the account for you. Save this sheet in order to have access to you login details next time you want to use them. It might take up to 30 minutes for the account to start working.

With your walk-in-user account you can:

  • Log in to our computers and get access to our e-books, e-journals and databases on site
  • Create an account for printing and copying. Read more about how you create one step by step in this guide

You can not:

  • Log in to the wireless network Eduroam - use LU Guest instead. More information about the network you find on our wireless network page
  • Get access to our e-books, e-journals and databases from home

Public login

If you don't have a LUCAT or a Student account you use a public login:

  • User name: hta-bib
  • No password is required.

When you use this login, Internet Explorer is the only web browser available, and you only have access to Lund University web pages and some library resources.

What software can I use?

When logged in with your Student Account, the following software is available:

  • Internet Explorer and Firefox (with Flash, Shockwave, Java)
  • Microsoft Office 2010 (with PDF creator)
  • Adobe Reader
  • Stava Rex (spellcheck program for Swedish)
  • Spell Right (spellcheck program for English)
  • TorTalk (a program for reading talking books and getting texts read out loud)

Saving documents

You cannot save documents on the public computers, so remember to bring a USB stick or to email the documents to yourself before logging out.