Language Consultant

It is still possible to book workshops with the language consultant for the upcoming term. Please contact Claes Lindskog for more information.

The language consultant for the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology, Claes Lindskog, can give workshops in academic writing and reading within the different subjects’ regular courses. These workshops are available free of charge to all courses within HT, on all levels, in both Swedish and English. The workshops are practically oriented and can be customised for the specific needs of the subject and the students. For example, the language consultant may show the students

  • how to identify and solve common problems in academic writing
  • how to make their texts clear, precise, well-structured, and correct in terms of grammar, word choice, punctuation, and paragraphing
  • how to make the writing process as efficient and hassle-free as possible
  • how to use feedback and available resources
  • how to read course books and academic texts efficiently and effectively.

Ideally, the language consultant could come in and give one or two workshops per course, clearly integrated with the other teaching moments on the course, and with a clear progression between courses on different levels in the same subject.

The workshops can profitably be given in close connection to the students’ ordinary writing tasks, for example after the submission of the first draft of an essay. The students can then get some limited feedback on their own writing and get some hands-on tips that will motivate them to give their best for the rest of the writing process. The language consultant can’t undertake to advise or coach individual students, however, but for that you can turn to the Academic Support Centre.

The language consultant is also available for teachers and supervisors who want to discuss how they can design the writing tasks in their courses with reference to the instructions, feedback, peer reviewing, and grading, or anything else to do with academic literacy.

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