LUP Student Papers

Students at Lund University can make their essays and degree projects available via LUP Student Papers (our institutional repository). At the HT Faculties the students themselves register their papers in most departments. When the paper is uploaded, first the teachers responsible for the course review the data the student has provided: it should be checked if the student actually has passed the course with this paper, if the right version of the document has been uploaded and if the paper is registered in the right semester. When the teacher has approved the upload, it goes on to the subject librarian, who makes sure that all bibliographic data is correct and and all persons involved are linked in the right way. When the review is finished, the paper is published and from now on searchable for everyone.

Review your students' papers in LUP Student Papers
Teacher manual (PDF - in Swedish only, opens in new window)

If you want to find students' essays and degree projects, you can search in LUP Student Papers or Uppsök, the national search service for student degree projects from all universities in Sweden. The information in LUP Student Papers will also be searchable via Uppsök.

Search för student papers at LU
Uppsök (in Swedish only)

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