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Articles and Journals

At the Libraries of the Faculties of the Humanities and Theology, we have both printed and electronic journals and articles. These can usually be found via LUBcat and LUBsearch. Please feel free contact us if you have any questions.

Journals at the library

At the library or via our search systems students and teachers at Lund University have access to a wide range of journals in both printed and electronic format.

You can search for printed and electronic journals by title in the library catalogue LUBcat.

Search for electronic articles in LUBsearch.

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The three largest Swedish newspapers (DN, SvD and Sydsvenskan) are available to read in the library at the SOL- and the LUX Library. We save old numbers for about a week.

Newspapers in some other languages are available at SOL-library, these can be found in the Periodicals Section.

Other newspapers, or older newspapers, may be available in the University Library’s collections. Some newspapers can also be read electronically via the database Retriever Research.

Printed journals at the library

At the Asia-, SOL- and LUX Library there are a number of different scientific printed journals. These can be found at each libraries Periodicals Section and you may read them and copy from them in the library.

You can also find journals of a more popular scientific nature and at SOL library there are also newspapers and pleasure reading in the languages that are taught in the building.

At the LUX Library, issues from previous years can be found in the rolling stacks at the lower ground floor. At the Asia and SOL Library, some issues from previous years are placed in closed stacks. To access these, please place a request via the library catalogue, LUBcat. A few journals are available in their entirety in the open Periodicals Section.

Our printed journals sorted by subject can be viewed via the links below.

Printed journals by subject

Assorted journals

Archaeology, Ethnology and History

Area Studies and Human Rights

Art Studies

Comparative Literature

Culture and Information Studies


Media and Communication Studies



Electronic articles and journals

You can search for articles among our e-journals using  LUBsearch. Log in with your Lucat or Student Account to access the material from home.

You can find all e-journals that the libraries at Lund University subscribe to, via ePublications. Use the direct links to access the content. Do take a look at our Subject Guides for tips on journals relevant to your particular area of study.



Via LUBITO, researchers and students at Lund University can order articles published in non-Swedish scholarly journals that the University Library holds in printed form (if they are not accessible electronically via LUBsearch). The article is delivered as a PDF the day after the order is made.

Can't find what you are looking for?

If you cannot find the article you are looking for, you may be able to order it as an interlibrary loan. Please contact us if you need any assistance!


LUX Library

Rayeheh Hamedani

E-mail: rayeheh.hamedanihtbibl.luse
Phone: 046–222 32 31, 046–222 93 08

Asia- and SOL Library

Cathrin Viltefjäll

E-mail: cathrin.viltefjallhtbibl.luse  
Phone: 046–222 93 08, 046–222 32 15