Degree Projects

Do you seek inspiration for your essay or degree project? Are you curious about what other students within your field have written about and how they have chosen to conduct their study? There are two Swedish student papers databases that can be interesting for you.

Degree projects at Lund University

If you want to see degree projects written by students at Lund University, you can search in Lund University Publications Student Papers – LUP Student Papers, institutional repository for master theses and student papers here at the university.  In LUP Student Papers, you can find many degree projects from several institutions at the university, in full text format, from the year 2000 and onwards.

Tip! When you use LUP Student Papers, you can choose Advanced and filter your search by selecting, for example, Department, to get results related to your subject.

Degree projects from Swedish universities

There is also a national search service for degree projects called Uppsök, where you can find full text degree projects from many Swedish universities, including those listed in LUP Student Papers.

LUP Student Papers

Find degree projects in Lund University's institutional repository for master theses and student papers.


Find student papers in the national database for degree projects.

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