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Opening Hours

Welcome to the HT Libraries!


Days Asia Library LUX Library SOL Library
Thursday 18/4 10:00–13:00 9:00–14:00 9:00–14:00
Friday 19/4 Closed Closed Closed
Saturday 20/4 Closed Closed Closed
Sunday 21/4 Closed Closed Closed
Monday 22/4 Closed Closed Closed
Easter eggs

Photo: annca, CC0-licens.

Walpurgis Night and International Workers' Day

Days Asia Libary LUX Library SOL Library
Tuesday 30/4 10:00–13:00 9:00–14:00 9:00–14:00
Wednesday 1/5 Closed Closed Closed

Photo: Anja Hoppe.


Asia Library

Email: asiahtbibl.luse
Telephone: 046-222 30 43

LUX Library

Email: luxhtbibl.luse
Telephone: 046-222 64 90

SOL Library

Email: solhtbibl.luse
Telephone: 046-222 32 20