Loan Period

How long you may keep a book depends on the type of book you have borrowed; a course book, a long term loan or an interlibrary loan.

  • The loan period for course books is 14 days. Automatic renewal if there is no reservation for the book. Maximum five automatic renewals. Please note that there is a late fee on course books that are returned after the loan period has expired, ten SEK per book and day.
  • The loan period for our other books is 28 days. . Automatic renewal if there is no reservation for the book. Maximum five automatic renewals for students/other patrons, and 12 for researchers/teachers.
  • The loan period for DVDs is seven days.
  • Journals and reference works can be read in the library, but cannot be checked out. Similarly, reference books (textbooks with the red tag “Ej hemlån”) cannot be checked out.
  • The loan period for interlibrary loans may vary; it is set according to the rules of the library to which the material belongs.

Check the return date in LUBcat

Books borrowed from different libraries at the University may have different loan periods. Check the return date by logging in to your account in the library catalogue LUBcat. If you have provided a valid email address, you will get a reminder when the loan period is about to expire. Still it's always your responsibility to keep track of the loan period. If you want to renew an interlibrary loan, please got to Renew interlibrary loans, and fill out the request form.

Overdue fees and invoices

The overdue fees for course books (kursbok) is 10 SEK per book per day (except Sundays and Public Holidays). Your library card will be blocked if you have overdue fees exceeding 100 SEK. You will then not be able to check out books at any of the libraries at Lund University until you have paid your fee. Overdue fees must be paid online via the library catalogue LUBcat, or at the library that owns the fined material.

If you have damaged, lost, or for any other reason are unable to return checked out books, the library will send you an invoice for 600 SEK. You will first receive a letter informing you that an invoice will be issued and you have seven days from the day the letter was issued to return the book. 

Questions about invoices

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Renew your loans in the library catalogue.

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