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As a distance student, you can utilise our services just as if you were here at Campus. Here you will find your course literature, get access to e-books, e-journals and databases. You are welcome to ask us if you need help finding literature for your essay, degree project or thesis or if you have questions concerning how to write references.

Click on the headings below to find more information about your subject librarian and about how to get access to printed and electronic books and journals.

For every subject taught at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology, there is a subject librarian at the HT Libraries. Some of the subject librarian's tasks are to purchase books within the subject, to train the subject's students in information searching, and to mentor you who are working with your thesis or degree project in finding literature och referencing.

There is a subject guide for every subject at the HT faculties. Subject guides are collections of useful links to, for example, databases, journals or books within the subject. They have been created, and are updated, by the subject librarians. 

Feel free to contact your subject librarian whenever you need help with any questions concerning the library and our library services!

If you are looking for printed books, journals or reports from any of the libraries at Lund University search our library catalogue LUBcat. Many of the printed books which are located at the HT Libraries (Asia-, SOL- and LUX Library) can be ordered by those who are taking distance courses at the HT faculties. 

Information about distance student loans

You can of course also borrow your course books at a library near you. In the national catalogue LIBRIS, you can find books, journals, and reports located at all university libraries and large public libraries in Sweden.

Instruction video on how to search in LUBcat

In LUBsearch, you can find databases, e-books, and articles published in e-journals where a great deal is available in full text. When you are off campus you need to log in to LUBsearch with your Student Account. When you are logged in, you will have access to all literature and databases the libraries at Lund University have aquired or are subscribing to – no matter where you are.

Instruction video on how to search in LUBsearch


General questions about our services for distance students:

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Questions concerning loans for distance students:

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Loans for Distance Students

Find out how to check out books from the HT Libraries as a distance student.

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