Programme Autumn 2015

Workshops and seminars at the HT-libraries autumn semester 2015

The Libraries of the Faculties of Humanities and Theology offer seminars and workshops in the field of scientific communication. They are aimed at doctoral students, researchers and other employees at the faculties of humanities and theology. The group working with research support at the HT Libraries, also organises customised meetings/workshops for research groups, departments etc., on subjects such as Open Access, evaluation of publications and other aspects of scientific communication. Please, contact us!

Workshop on writing grant applications

In preparation for the applications to VR and RJ 2016, the joint faculties of Humanities and Theology offer two workshops on writing research grant applications - with special focus on what the infrastructure units can offer when you're writing your applications and when you are managing your project. The first workshop will take place in October. In this workshop we will look at what you need in order to be able to write a comprehensive survey of your research field; how to improve your information searching skills, and the advantages of using a reference management system such as EndNote. We will also discuss how best to disseminate your results and meet the funders' demands on open access publishing. Finally we will look at management of the data generated within the project, what types of support the infrastructure units can provide and how to write a Data Management Plan (DMP). At the second workshop, the participants will be given the opportunity to get individual feedback on their application drafts from senior researchers - particular focus will lie on the research overview, visibility and data management. At the seminar, Niclas Burenhult, Marianne Thormählen and Samuel Byrskog, who are all highly experienced in applying for grants and managing projects, will talk about their experiences.  Samuel is also an expert at evaluation for research grants at the Swedish Research Council. We will also discuss some of the issues raised in the commentaries on the participants drafts.

Please register by emailing annakim.eltenhtbibl.luse before January 15th. Applications are open to all, but priority will be given to participants of the first workshop. Subject to availability, additional applicants are welcome to register.

If you want individual feedback on your application draft (no more than 10 pages), please email this to annakim.eltenhtbibl.luse, no later than January 25th. Workshop 1
October 16, 9.00-12.00 (in Swedish)
October 19, 13.00-16.00 (in English)
SOL B:210 (The SOL Library computer room on the second floor) Workshop 2
February 15, 13:15-16:00
LUX B339 The workshops are arranged by the Research Board at HT, HT-libraries, the IT-unit and the Humanities Lab. Register to the workshops by emailing annakim.eltenhtbibl.luse.

Endnote x 2

First seminar: Tuesday, November 3, 10:15-12:00
Second seminar: Tuesday, November 17, 10:15-11:00
Endnote is a software for saving references, create bibliographies and sorting your fulltext files. The first seminar is aimed at those who have never used EndNote previously, while the second seminar is aimed at those who have been to the first seminar, and those who already uses EndNote but wants to learn more. For the second seminar you can email questions in advance. If possible, we would like to have the questions at least a week before the actual seminar. After the seminars it’s possible to stay to work with and discuss the system. HT-libraries also offers support for the reference management software RefWorks. If you want help with RefWorks, contact us.


Måndag 23 november kl. 14:15-15:00
SOL B:210
(SOL-bibliotekets datorsal, plan 2) HT-biblioteken presenterar källtextdatabaser med fokus på antiken, medeltiden och tidig modern tid. Vi presenterar bland annat de olika databaserna i Brepolis Latin, LOEB Classical library online, Thesaurus Linguae Graecae och Early English and European Books.

How to make your research data available via SND

Friday 27nd Nov. 1315-14, LUX:B336 Sofia Arvidsson from SND* is visiting Lund on the 27th of November,  in connection to the work on research data at the Faculties of Humanities and Theology and Social Sciences. We welcome researchers and other staff at the faculties to a workshop on how to describe and deposit data with SND. Arranged by Digital Tools in the Humanities and the Libraries at the Faculties of Humanities and Theology and Social Sciences. * “The Swedish National Data Service, SND is an infrastructure for Swedish research within the humanities, social sciences and health sciences. SND helps Swedish and international researchers gain access to existing data within and outside of Sweden. SND provides support and guidance to researchers throughout the entire research process. As the Swedish node in an international network of data archives, the organisation is an important part of the research infrastructure.”
Where and how?
The SOL Library computer room on the second floor (B:210).
Swedish or English. Please, let us know a week in advance if you prefer the seminar in English!
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