Personal Data and Confidentiality

Data that contains personal information has to be handled according to certain regulations, note that:
  • All research projects that involve processing of personal data must be registered in PULU, Personal Data Lund University. For employees of The Faculties of Humanities and Theology, the research project first needs to be registered in LUCRIS, for being able to register the processing of personal data in PULU. Read more about personal data and data protection on the Staff Pages.
  • Informed consent is usually a requirement when you collect personal data. Read more about written consent on the Lund University Staff Pages.
  • Sensitive information must be stored in a secure location. For example, this may apply to sensitive personal data, included in interviews (audio files and transcriptions) or survey responses, and attached consent documents. The data may need to be stored in a strongbox or on a secure server.
  • It must be decided how codes, de-identification of data, and encryption keys are to be managed.

Personal data representative

For questions about personal data – contact the personal data protection officer at Lund University:

Research Ethics Information

Information at LU on ethical guidelines and laws affecting the research process.


Register processing of personal data within research projects in PULU - Personal Data Lund University.
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