Publishing at Our Faculties

At these faculties, The Libraries of the Joint Faculties of the Humanities and Theology and the Publication Series in Humanities and Theology support the local publishing of books, publication series and journals. 

Editors of journal and publication series can turn to forskningsstodhtbibl.luse at the Libraries of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology for support with matters concerning publishing, dissemination and evaluations. If you want to publish your book/thesis in a publication series at the faculties/faculty publication series, or are an editor for a publication series, support is also offered by the publication series in Humanities and Theology.


The Libraries at Lund University support open access publishing of journals on the platform Open Journals at Lunds Universit (OJLU). Journal editors are welcome to use it for open access publishing of existing, or newly started journals. Several journals at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology already publish via OJLU. The OJLU platform is based on Open Journal System (OJS), and server space and access to the system is provided by the University Library (UB) . OJS is a publishing platform for open access journals and it manages the entire publication process, from submission of manuscripts and peer reviews, to full text publishing and archiving. OJS is a free software (GPL) application developed by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). The Libraries of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology offer start-up support and some technical and publishing support. Are you starting a new journal or are would you like to find out more about using OJLU for your existing journal? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Information about OJLU on the Lund University Libraries' website


Parallel to OJS, PKP also develops Open Monograph Press (OMP). OMP is a tool for publishing books or re-publishing books open access. The whole editorial workflow can be managed in OMP, from submission, review and editing to publishing. The metadata created in OMP can easily be reused in many search engines, catalogues and databases, making the books findable and usable. The University Library provides access to server space and the system free of charge. The Libraries of Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology provide support for editors and authors at the faculties. The system is up and running since the autumn of 2018, see all published books at Open Books vid Lund University (OBLU).
Are you interested in publishing via OBLU? Please contact forskningsstodhtbibl.luse!

Information about OBLU on Lund University Libraries' website

The Publication Series in Humanities and Theology

Evaluation and metrics

There are different ways of assessing quality and impact when selecting a publication channel. Read more about how research is evaluated in the humanities.


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