Subject Librarians

At the Libraries of the Faculties of the Humanities, we have a contact librarian for each subject. Here, our subject librarians are presented in alphabetical order.

ALM: Archival Studies, Library and Information Studies and Museum Studies: Ulrika Karlsson
Arabic Studies: Lynn Rudholm
Archaeology: Marie Hoen
Art History and Visual Studies: Mikael Borg
Asian Studies: Mia Nilsson

Book History: Anja Hoppe

Central and Eastern European Studies: Annakim Eltén
Chinese Studies: Mia Nilsson
Children's Literature: Kristina Nilsson
Culture and Society in Ancient Time: Marie Hoen
Cognitive Science: Fredrik Eriksson
Cognitive Semiotics: Ranka Steingrimsdottir
Comparative Literature: Kristina Nilsson
Creative Writing Program: Kristina Nilsson

Digital Cultures: Ulrika Karlsson

Educational Sciences: Fredrik Eriksson
English: Mikael Borg
Ethnology: Kristina Ericson
European Studies: Annakim Eltén

Fashion Studies: Ulrika Karlsson
Film Studies: Kristina Nilsson
The Folk Life Archives: Kristina Ericson
French Studies: Katarina Wickström

German: Anja Hoppe
Greek: Katarina Wickström

Hebrew: Lynn Rudholm
History: Helene Johanson Otterström
History of Ideas and Sciences: Erland HolmerPer Carleheden
History of Religions: Per Carleheden
Human Rights Studies: Fredrik Eriksson
Humanities Lab: Annakim Eltén

Intermedia Studies: Mikael Borg
Italian Studies: Katarina Wickström

Japanese Studies: Mia Nilsson
Journalism: Erik Svanström

Languages and Linguistics, Master's programme: Katarina Wickström
Latin: Katarina Wickström
Linguistics: Ranka Steingrimsdottir
Literature – Culture – Media, Master's programme: Kristina Nilsson

Media and Communication Studies: Erik Svanström
Media History: Erik Svanström
Middle Eastern Studies: Lynn Rudholm
Mother Tongue Instruction and Multilingual Study Guidance: Katarina Wickström
Musicology: Mikael Borg

Oresund Region Studies: Andrea Mervik 

Philosophy: Fredrik Eriksson
Philosophy of Religion and Ethics: Per Carleheden
Public Service Interpreting: Anja Hoppe
Publishing Studies: Anja Hoppe

Religious Studies: Per Carleheden
Rhetoric: Erik Svanström
Romanian Studies: Katarina Wickström

Russian Studies: Annakim Eltén

Scandinavian Languages: Ranka Steingrimsdottir
Spanish Studies: Katarina Wickström

Theory and Practice of Theatre: Kristina Nilsson
Theology: Per Carleheden
Translation: Lynn Rudholm

Yiddish: Annakim Eltén

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