Kampuchea Collection

The Kampuchea collection was put together by Israel (Izzy) Young, who was interested in Cambodia. He was especially active during the Kampuchea period when he worked with spreading information about the situation, in newspapers and newsletters. He donated his collection to the Asia Library in 2001. The collection consists of a large number of newspaper clippings and documents, from a variety of sources, published 1967 to 2000, and about 70 books. The newspaper clippings and documents are organized chronologically, with an emphasis on the 1970’s. Some documents are organized by subject, for example documents from the Swedish Committee on Vietnam, Laos and Kampuchea, the trials of Pol Pot and The Voice of Cambodian Nationalists. A large amount of the documents are in French. The majority of the books are in English, about 20 are in French, and a few in Swedish. View a overview list of the content in the Kampuchea Collection. To see the Kampuchea collection, please contact the staff at the Asia Library.

More about Izzy Young

Israel Goodman Young (1928-2019) was a central figure in the 1960's folk music movement in New York. His store The Folklore Center held books and records, but also became a meeting point. Izzy Young encouraged several artists, and arranged Bob Dylan's first concert in Carnegie Hall, New York, in 1961. Young moved to Stockholm 1973 after he discovered Swedish folk music, and started Folklore Centrum that was open until 2018. The venue was a place for intimate concerts, and also held a large collection of literature on American folk music. (Hanna Flyckt has contributed with the text on Izzy Young.)

Kampuchea collection
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