Wireless Network

There is wireless network in all our library premises. Access the network via Eduroam, to which you have access through your Student or Lucat account.

Eduroam is an encrypted wireless network shared with many higher education institutions world wide. Before you can use Eduroam for the first time, you need to change some settings on your computer/mobile phone/tablet:

Instructions on how to connect, using different operating systems

If you're not a student or an employee at Lund University you can use the network LU Guest instead. This is how you do it:

  • Choose LU Guest amongst your available networks on your device and connect to it.
  • Start a webb browser. A webb page asking whether you would like to register by SMS or e-mail should appear. If it doesn't: open a random page, www.lu.se for example. Then the page for registering should open.
  • Register via SMS or e-mail: Type your name and your telephone number or your e-mail address. Accept the terms of use and click Register.
  • Type the code that was sent to you by SMS or e-mail and click Log in.
  • Now you can start surfing!

Wireless Internet

Guides on how to access Lund University's encrypted wireless network eduroam, with your computer, tablet or smartphone.


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