Data Management Plan

By using a data management plan, the handling of data can be planned in a structured way, helping the researcher to review and ensure that laws and guidelines are followed, identify requisites or problems as well as  facilitating organisation and documentation. Data management plans are living documents intended to be updated throughout the research project.

Many funders require that grant holders have a data management plan.

Lund University DMPonline

Use the DMPonline tool to create and manage your data management plans. The tool includes specific templates for different funders and a template developed by Lund University; which matches the structure and standard template used in the previous tool for data management plans, DMP Roadmap. The templates are designed to meet the requirements of Science Europe. You can ask research support for feedback on your DMP through DMPonline

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Work in progress Spring 2024: DMP Roadmap was previously used for data management plans at Lund University. This tool is being replaced by the new tool DMPonline. It is still possible to find and download old data management plans in PDF format from the DMP Roadmap, but it is no longer possible to create new or edit existing plans. We will, over time, move older data management plans to the new DMPonline tool.

The plan contains this type of questions:

  • What kind of data will you collect or create?
  • How will the data be collected or created?
  • Which documentation and what metadata will accompany the data?
  • Are there ethical issues that need consideration?
  • How will you manage copyright and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues?
  • How will data be handled to insure it is stored and transferred securely?
  • How will the data be backed up during the projects?
  • Which data should be retained, shared, and/or preserved?
  • What is the long term preservation plan?
  • How will you share the data? Are there any restrictions on data sharing?
  • Who will be responsible for data management?
  • Can the resources required for managing the data be specified and what costs are involved? For instance, personal resources, software and hardware.
More information and guidance

Further guidance about research data management is available on the following websites.

About data management plans on the Swedish National Data Service (SND) website

About data management and sharing plans on the UK Digital Curation Centre (DCC) website


Lund University's tool for creating data management plans.

Data Management Plan

Information about data management plans at SND.

DCC Check List

Data management plan check list at the Digital Curation Centre [PDF, opens i new window].

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