Programme Spring 2018

GDPR for Researchers

Wednesday March 14 10.15-12.00 (LUX:B152)
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that replaces the Personal Data Act (PUL) will enter in force in May 2018. This change will have an effect on the research activities carried out at Lund University. With this in mind, Kristina Arnrup Thorsbro, Policy officer at the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Carl Petersson, Legal counsel at the Legal Division, and others who have been involved with the preparations for the transition, will visit us to provide more information and answer any questions you might have. The session is available for employees at the HT Faculties and the Faculty of Social Sciences. Please register your interest to forskningsstodhtbibl.luse or refsambib.luse by March 7. You are welcome to get in touch with questions in advance!

EndNote introduction

Tuesday 10 April, 10.15-12.00 (SOL:B210) EndNote is a reference management program used for saving references, creating bibliographies and keeping track of full texts. We offer an introduction to EndNote, for both beginners and those in need of a refresher. There is time for questions after the presentation. If you are currently using the program and have questions regarding advanced functions, you are welcome to contact per.carlehedenhtbibl.luse.

The session is available for employees at the HT Faculties. Advance registration is not necessary.

Everything you need to know about CC Licenses

Wednesday April 25 10.15–11.00 (LUX:B429)
Creative Commons licenses (CC licenses) are often used in open access publishing. The idea is that the licenses will make it easier, not only for the copyright owner to describe how their work may be resued, but also for the user of a creative work to easily find out what the terms of reuse are. The team at Publication Series in Humanities and Theology and the HT Libraries present CC licenses in brief. What should I as author or editor, take into consideration when selecting a CC license? What are the pros and cons of each license? We'll leave plenty of time for discussing these matters, and we welcome your questions and thoughts!    11.15-12.00 Are you a journal editor on one of the Faculties' of Humanities and Theology publication series or journals published in OJS? Are you considering licensing your series/journal and want to talk about it with us and other editors? Welcome to further discussions on the matter!  The session is available for employees at the HT Faculties. Advance registration is not necessary.
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