Persistant file formats

Files that are created and saved in formats generated by specific software applications can, in some cases, only be opened/used by those particular applications. In such cases, the usability of data and other research material is thereby limited. Original files that are to be archived or shared, need to be supplemented with versions in persistent formats. If you, for example, want to archive or share data created with software not generally used, it is advisable to archive/share these files in the original format as well as copies in an open/non-proprietary format, combined with a good description, attached in pdf, of how data was created and of how e.g. graphs or formulas were made.

File formats

Information about file formats, from SND.

Choice of format when archiving

Information about preferred formats for archiving from the Swedish National Archives (in Swedish only).

File formats and standards

A section in the Digital Preservation Handbook from the Digital Preservation Coalition, UK.

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