Purchasing Language Services

If you are a researcher and want to have your dissertation, article or abstract, translated or proofread, you must purchase this service in accordance with the national framework agreements. The Joint Libraries of Faculties of Humanities and Theology offer you as researcher, or PhD student support in this process. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions on how to proceed.

All public authorities must follow the public procurement rules when purchasing goods and services. The rules are based on five fundamental principles:

  • The principle of non-discrimination
  • The principle of equal treatment
  • The principle of transparency
  • The principle of proportionality
  • The principle of mutual recognition

Read more about what these principles entail on The National Agency for Public Procuremnt’s website.

Purchasing a language- or translation service

Purchasing of goods and services at Lund University must be made according to the existing agreements administered by The National Procurement Services (a department within the central government authority Kammarkollegiet). The national framework agreements for language- and translation services must be adhered to when purchasing such a service, regardless of how it is funded. You can find the frame agreeements on the website avropa.se.

Three language areas

There are framework agreements within three language areasfor language- and translation services: English, Swedish and Other languages. The services included in these agreements vary and what type of call-off order applies may vary, either ranking or renewed competition. Read more about the different call-off orders

All practical documents and further guidance can be found under the tab Gemensamma document on each page for the respective language area (only available in Swedish).  Do not hesitate to contact the library if you have any questions regarding these or what type of call-off order you should proceed with.

Practical information

When you have an agreement in place with a service provider, you should make the actual order of the service via LUPIN (Proceedo) (information only in Swedish).

Tips & advice

Contact Translation and language services at Lund University for advice and information on language resources.

Purchasing and procurement

More information on purchasing and procurement on the Staff Pages.
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