LUCRIS (Lund University Current Research Information System) is Lund University's research information system. As a researcher at Lund University, you can use LUCRIS to collect and visualize many different aspects of your work.

LUCRIS is the registration interface for scholarly publications and other research information, such as information on researchers, research groups, projects or research-related activities such as external engagements. Information that is registered in LUCRIS is visible in the public Research Portal, Information about researchers, research output (such as publications), projects and departments at Lund University is presented in the Research Portal. Registrations in LUCRIS are delivered to, and are searchable in SwePub.

LUCRIS has replaced has replaced LUP (Lund University Publications). As part of the transition, all publications registered in LUP were transferred to LUCRIS. LUP is still running and current download statistics for all publications are available via this database.

Register your publication

Registering all scholarly publications is obligatory after 2002 at Lund University (see the vice-chancellor's decision Registrering av vetenskapliga publikationer ). Publishing texts in full, parallel, or with delay is voluntary but recommended.

For information specific to the Faculties of Humanities and Theology, regarding the registration requirements LUCRIS, please refer to the Minimum requirements for registration in LUCRIS at the HT Faculties.

Register your thesis

You can find information about registering your doctoral thesis in full text on the Lund University Libraries´website. On their pages, you can also find a handy FAQ about the registration procedure.


The local LUCRIS support team are at the HT Libraries. Please contact forskningsstodhtbibl.luse if you have any questions.

More information

Research Portal

Go to the Research Portal to find researchers, research outputs (e.g. publications), projects and units at Lund University.


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