Libraries of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology | Lund University


Asia Library

There is an accessible parking space just outside the main entrance and an elevator to all floors.

An accessible toilet is available.

LUX Library

There is an elevator with access to all floors at the LUX Library.

Tactile paving for the visually impaired leads to the library from the main entrance at LUX.

The information desk at the LUX Library is height adjustable. There are several high tables in the library if you prefer to stand when studying. There is also a height adjustable desk in the LUX Library's resource room which can be booked by those who have need of this in their work or study.

There are two quiet reading rooms in the LUX Library. One of the rooms is a computer free zone.

There are two accessible toilets in the LUX Library, one on the lower floor and one on the 2nd floor. On the ground floor the accessible toilet is located just outside the library.

There is accessible parking in the courtyard between house A and B with an entrance on ground level, see map below.

Accessible parking LUX

SOL Library

At SOL Library there are two elevators. In order to get to the third floor by elevator, (where our AV Room and two quiet reading rooms are located) you must switch elevator. Please ask us at the information desk if you need any assistance.

There are three quiet study rooms in the library, one of which is a computer free zone.

Accessible toilets are available on all floors.

Accessible parking, are available in two locations adjecent to the SOL buildings, see map below.

Accessible parking SOL

Tactile paving.

Photo: Anja Hoppe