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Interlibrary Loans

Note that the libraries at Lund University are replacing the library system Lovisa with a new one, LUBcat, in June 2018. This will lead to limited interlibrary loan services at the libraries. For more information check out our page about the system replacement under the tab "Search".

Interlibrary loan service for the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

Active students and staff at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology can request interlibrary loans of material not found at Lund University Libraries.

Students and staff at other faculties are requested to turn to their own faculty/departmental library: All Faculty / Department Libraries

Which kinds of material can be borrowed?

  • Interlibrary loans from Scandinavian countries are free of charge.
  • Loans from outside Scandinavia are always charged.
  • Journals can not be borrowed, but article copies can be ordered at a charge.

Only interlibrary loans of material that is intended for study or research purposes can be made through the Libraries of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology. If you want to request interlibrary loans of material for other purposes we advise you to contact your closest public library.

What does it cost?

  • Book loans from within the Nordic countries - free of charge
  • Book loans from outside the Nordic countries - 150 SEK/book
  • Photocopies - 80 SEK/copy regardless of the source
  • Photocopies of more extensive works such as theses are usually more expensive. In such cases, ask for details of fees. Payment is in cash at the information desk.
  • Costs for interlibrary loans made by HT researchers and teachers are paid by the HT faculties.

N.B.: Costs may be added if applied by the lending library.

Start with searching in our local systems

If the book or article you are looking for is located at any of the libraries at Lund University, it cannot be requested as an interlibrary loan – even if the book is currently checked out. Start with searching in the library catalogue Lovisa, or if you are looking for an article, LUBsearch. Books printed before 1957, are sometimes not listed in Lovisa, or LIBRIS, but can be found in the University Library's digitized card catalogue Katalog -1957. If the book or the journal is not listed in Lovisa, LUBsearch, or Katalog -1957, you can request it as an interlibrary loan in one of the two ways described below.

Interlibrary loans can be ordered in two ways:

Request Interlibrary Loans directly from LIBRIS

A book, found in LIBRIS, may be requested directly from the catalogue record. Before you make your first request, you must create an account in LIBRIS (when asked to fill in your Library card number, type the last 10 digits of you LU card number):

Create an account - LUX Library
Create an account - SOL Library

After having created an account: Log in. Go on to LIBRIS' search page by choosing Start or Extended search. When you have found a book in LIBRIS that you want to borrow, make a request:

  • Click on the blue text Interlibrary loan/request
  • Send the request
  • A confirmation message will be sent to the e-mail address registered
  • Log out in top right corner

NOTE! Journal articles should be requested with the Order forms for interlibrary loans to the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology.

Request with library's own order form

For books not found in LIBRIS and for article copies.

Order forms for interlibrary loans to the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

Renew interlibrary loans

Do you need to renew your interlibrary loans? Fill in this form.

Loan of audiovisual media

The Swedish Media Database, SMDB

The Swedish Media Database, SMDB, is a search service for the audiovisual collections at the National Library of Sweden (KB). The database contains information about TV, radio, video, movies presented in theaters, CDs, and multimedia. The SMDB covers most Swedish broadcasts and publications since 1979, but also contains older material.

Audiovisual recordings needed for research projects, may be requested directly from the SMDB. The research project must first be approved by the National Library of Sweden.