Libraries of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology | Lund University

Study Areas & Computers

There is study seating both at LUX and SOL Library, as well as computers for searching the library catalogues, databases and the internet. Wireless internet makes it possible to log in with your own computer.

Computer rooms and quiet reading rooms

At SOL Library there are three quiet reading rooms and two computer rooms. At LUX Library there are two quiet reading rooms and six group rooms. 

To access the computer rooms you need to use your LU card and your PIN code. If you have forgotten your code, you can see it here, after logging in with your Student account or LUCAT. 
Only students and employees of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology have access to the computer rooms. The computer room at the second floor of the SOL Library, SOL:B210, can only be used when the it is not reservered for classes.

Group study rooms

At the LUX Library there are five group study rooms in the library. They can be booked via the reception at LUX. The following rules apply:

  • The rooms shall be used for group studies only, a group consists of at least two persons.
  • You can book the rooms for a maximum of 4 hours/day, no more than 12 hours in a two-week-period and at the earliest two weeks in advance.
  • You have to be a student at the HT Faculties to be able to book the rooms.
  • When the rooms are not booked anyone may use them, but students who have booked have precedence over others.

See if the rooms are booked here

Resource rooms

At the SOL Library there is a room which can be used by those who want to view audiovisual media from SMDB. The room cannot be booked, but those who have borrowed material from SMDB have priority. 

At the LUX Library there is one group study room with a computer with specific software. This room can only be booked by librarians for students who require the use of this software. The following rules apply for the use of this room:

  • The room is reserved for students who have a need for the special equipment or computer software available in it. Go to the information desk to book it.
  • Each student may book the room for a maximum of four hours per day, and 12 hours per week in total. 
  • Anyone may use the room when not booked, but students who have booked have priority.

Map of LUX Library

Karta LUX-biblioteket, engelska

Karta LUX-biblioteket, engelska

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Map of SOL Library

Disclaimer! We are currently working on the collection at SOL Library so the map might not be up to date, latest update 2018-02-22.

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