Libraries of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology | Lund University

Our Collections

The HT Libraries' collections cover disciplines in the fields of the humanities and theology. The majority of our material is available on our open shelves at the LUX- and SOL Library or electronically via LUBsearch, however, we do also have some material in special collections or storage.


The HT Libraries’ textbook collection is located on the respective text book shelves at the LUX and SOL Library. Some textbooks in our collection are also available electronically.


Monographs (books) are ordered by subject in the LUX- and SOL Library according to the libraries’ classification systems. Our collection also includes many ebooks.

Read more about the shelving systems at SOL and LUX Library.
Read more about books and ebooks.

Reference Section (REF)

We have a reference section in both the LUX and SOL Library. Here you can find various subject-specific lexicons, dictionaries and handbooks. The reference works may not be checked out; they are only for use in the respective library. At LUX, additional reference works, which cannot be checked out, are also located on other shelves.


The HT Libraries subscribe to both printed journals and ejournals. The latest issues of our printed journals are available at the LUX and SOL Library’s Journal sections. The journals that are available electronically can be found via ePublications. Read more about our journals.


At the SOL Library, some monograph and journal collections are in storage. Material in these collections can be ordered via Lovisa and can then be collected from noon onwards, the next working day.


Our collections include a number of databases with content related to the humanities and theology as well as some interdisciplinary material. Read more about databases.

Special collections

The HT Libraries have a number of special collections in area of the humanities and theology. Read more about the Cavefors Collection here. More information about our other special collections will follow.